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Die Weltmarktspekulation mit Nahrungsmitteln und Bodenrechten ist im vollen Gange – als letzter Notnagel wo man seine Gelder als Investor hin verschiebt – in die Dinge – die für Menschen ÜBERLEBENSWICHTIG sind also immer etwas wert sein werden.

Dementsprechend steigen die Landpreise – WELTWEIT – bis diese irgendwann sich zu einer Blase (2008 Suprime Krise – made in USA) auftürmen und mit viel Krach und Banken-Kollaps (schon recht so) in sich zusammen stürzen – dass es kommt ist sicher – wann es kommt kann keiner sagen.

Russland / Putin vergibt scheinbar Nutzungsrechte (nicht Landrechte) von Land zwischen China und Russland an Russen aber mittlerweile auch an Ausländer?

Kann das mal jemand recherchieren und verifizieren – wie da genau die Bedingungen sind.

So wie sich der orange Text liest geht es eher darum investoren anzuziehen – als Menschen die eigentlich nichts anderes wollen als sich in Frieden selbst versorgen.

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Vermutlich wird man sich dann mit den Chinesen, ihrem EXTREMEN NACHFRAGE NACH NAHRUNGSMITTEL UND LANDWIRTSCHAFTLICH NUTZBARE FLÄCHE und ihren mittelalterlichen Spritzmitteln (DDT) anlegen müssen.

Trutnev’s initial suggestion was to “create a mechanism for the free allocation of a 1 hectare (2.5 acres) plot of land to every resident of the Far East and to anyone who is willing to come and live in the region so that they could start a private business in farming, forestry, game hunting or some other enterprise.”

Published time: 19 Jan, 2015 14:30

„Russia’s Far East could be yours, after a Russian lower house committee approved a bill that, if passed, will introduce the free handover of land to Russians and foreigners who want to build homes or start businesses in agriculture or tourism in the region.“

Source: Published time: 17 Nov, 2015 10:16

Published time: 3 Nov, 2015 13:31


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8014 Higher criminal education

As employees of FSB and SK beheaded the far Eastern Federal University

22.03.2016 Tags: arrest, far East

Photo: TASS

The story that formed the basis of the charges of the two Vice-rectors of the University of tskhe Alexey and Viktor Atamanyuk together with the rector Sergey Ivanets started in 2011. Then svejesobranna high school, only dreaming of a beautiful new life in the island campus, has announced competitive bidding for the right to conclude government contract for „execution of works (rendering of services) for the project „Establishment of Information technology system „Electronic University“ and its introduction in the far Eastern Federal University“.The original contract price was indicated in the 820 million rubles, which was at that time equivalent to approximately $ 23 million and raised questions to the public — up to „Rospil“ Alexei Navalny.

The scandal was splashed all over the media, and the seaside UFAS has found out that July 20, 2011 between the University and LLC „Integra projects“ was awarded the above contract, which would cost $ 647 250 060 rubles. Commission UFAS of Russia for the Primorye territory on 29 February 2012 found that the actions of the University can bring to prevention, restriction, elimination of competition, describing it as violation of part 1 article 17 of the Law „On protection of competition“.But in the future, in the proceedings in the arbitration court, the University was able to defend its position, and the contract was actually in force, unless the contractor has become other of the University, was in 2009 in Moscow. And the group of companies „Integra“ (Wintegra) and vintegra projects“, controlled as claimed by „Painting“ a Roman Kalina, quietly disappeared.

And now, after more than four years, after the change of leadership of the University, after the University long settled in his island campus, are detained and placed under house arrest two of the Vice-rector of the University for Economics and Finance Viktor Atamanyuk and science and innovation Aleksey Tshe. Both accused that they have signed a contractor of the University, the acceptance certificate is not actually executed works under the contract and has listed 20 million roubles from the account of the University at the expense of the contractor. And, did it within the period from 20 August to 11 September 2015.On 29 September, in the company according to the register, was replaced by the founder, who became one of Konstantin Klimov, after which the company was re-registered in the period November-December 2015, replacing along with the CEO.

Less than a week after the arrest of the Vice-rectors, as operatives of the FSB in the Primorsky territory came to Igor Vatulin head of the Department for state programs and financial control of the regional administration, and to 2012 — Vice-rector of the University for Economics and Finance. Several days later, security officers detained and placed in temporary detention center and rector of the Federal University Sergei Ivanets.Which, however, was placed under house arrest for two months (it was he, according to investigators, gave direct instructions to Vice-chancellors to sign acts, and the chief accountant of the University — to transfer funds).

Now all three of them, the rector and his two deputies, are charged under article 285 of the criminal code (abuse of authority), part 3 (committed by a person holding a position in state or municipal service, which entailed grave consequences). To 10 years of imprisonment.


Viktor Bulavintsev, „New Vladivostok“