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“This means laying out a vision of the world that competes directly with today’s vision, one that resonates with the majority of people on the planet because it is true: that we are not apart from nature but of it… This is a vision of the future that goes beyond just surviving or enduring climate change, beyond ‘mitigating’ and ‘adapting’ to it… It is a vision in which we collectively use the crisis to leap somewhere that seems, frankly, better than where we are right now.”

-Naomi Klein


What Others Say, 1972-present

Actually it is not hard to recycle human manure… it is simply a matter of „let it sit“ and let the bacteria and time and if possible temperature do it’s work.

So depending on temperature – it takes 1-3 years for human „shit“ to break down all pathogens. So if you want to be save simply store it away for 3 years and you can put it on top of your garden.

„An island of optimism in the usually gloomy sea of future thought.”

“Their practical advice is more relevant than ever, and their prophecies of what would happen if the road to sustainability was not taken are looking more prescient by the day.”

„21st century pioneers…“  

“The New Alchemists were famous for the depth of research efforts placed in their projects.”

“My favorite biological hackers …”

„A path by which the world might find a way out of its interrelated problems of energy, food, and environmental degradation.”

“A rich vein of eco-tech information…“

“A Cape Cod think tank …”

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another EBook on GreenHouse Management: The_New_Alchimists_notes-on-greenhouse-agr-management-qtly-4-p3-10.pdf


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